Dominique’s good tip #4

Dominique is a Developer as well as a Director.

Today, he gives us his good eco-responsible plan to stop buying packaged fruits and vegetables.

Dominique has two jobs. That of developer but also that of director. If it’s thanks to the first one that we collaborated, it’s thanks to the second one that we were able to meet each other. He is a close friend of my brother, an editor by trade who crossed our paths. Dominique helped Maison Castille to make its website a reality (I know how to do a lot of things, how to learn a lot, but I needed help, I admit!). Our values being common, it was easy to work together. “My good plan, cotton or linen pouches allowing you to weigh and carry your food without having to throw anything away back home. The investment is not necessarily necessary if you have a few totebags (which you often get in a promotional setting). These do the job perfectly, although they are larger. The solution is to weigh the fruit and vegetables outside the bag and then stick the label on it. When you buy four or five different kinds of vegetables and you only have one bag on hand, just weigh each range of products and label the bag and take it out at the checkout. Personally, when I use this method, I never get any remarks at the checkout of the hypermarket. And the question doesn’t even arise for some organic retailers and grocery stores, who do the weighing directly at the checkout. Once the reflex has been adopted (to always carry your reusable packaging with you), you can have the satisfaction of making a positive gesture to lighten your garbage and therefore reduce your carbon footprint. When it comes to ecology, there are no small gestures, only simple reflexes to adopt.” His latest work “A Friday in September” on the climate walk is coming up. Let’s wish him good luck! Beautiful initiatives are worth their trouble because they are always successful. To follow Dominique Maury Lasmartres: Vimeo: dmaurylasmartres