Marie’s good tip #7

Beauty good tips

Marie is an interior designer, recently from Normandy.

She gives us her good plan to do good without leaving home and in an ecological way with Aloë Vera.

Marie is a former Parisian.
I met her when I was studying in a school of interior design a long time ago. And, although our professional paths have separated, our common sense of humour and love of beauty have kept us in touch and today allow me to find her* in this beautiful Normandy. (Which she has done everything to reach, believe me!).
*found is not really the term yet because she moved in just before the confinement!

Today she decided to give us a good plan; beautiful, economical and ecological to take better care of us.
Tested & approved!

“I have always had a very fragile skin. The slightest change in climate, change in water quality, the arrival of the first rays of sunshine, I feel it immediately on my skin. I have redness and dryness.
On a daily basis, I only use natural organic cosmetics out of conviction but also out of necessity.
As my cosmetic budget is limited, I discovered cheap brands that my skin accepts, such as the Brazilian brand Ekos Natura or the SO’Bio étic brand that can be found in supermarkets.
Sometimes the reactions are more visible. Currently we have to wash our hands very regularly, so my hands are very dry.
I have a little tip for that: I use aloe vera. I cut off a leaf of my plant directly and coat the clear, mucilaginous gel on the inside of my hand.
This plant has medicinal properties: it relieves burns, frostbite and skin inflammations such as sunburn.
I love this plant! In addition to its many virtues, it’s very easy to grow, inexpensive and it gives a touch of greenery to my home.”

Products to be found on Ekos Natura
and list of SO’Bio étic distributors here.