Anne-Charlotte’s good tip #8

Anne-Charlotte is a Project Manager at the ARS, and she is a Norman woman of course! She shares her good plan with us, to make one of our everyday products, the famous dishwasher tablets.

Anne-Charlotte is the mother of two toddlers, whom I had the chance to meet during a casting for the famous Maison Castille shootings (everyday women). Her smile and good mood immediately shone behind the lens, and after a great afternoon we obviously kept in touch! Today, she gives us her recipe for household products to make ecology, efficiency and savings go hand in hand!

“Following my wedding, to thank my witnesses, I concocted a special day for them last October.
The workshop “Do it yourself – eco responsible” at home, with a person I know who has participated in “zero waste” workshops in Rouen, and who has been a fan of these products for several years. We made dishwasher product, toilet gel and also Bee Wraps (reusable food packaging).

For dishwasher tablets, simply mix :
⁃ 50g coarse salt
⁃ 50g of soda crystals
⁃ 50g baking soda
⁃ 50g citric acid

Moisten very very slightly with a spray to bind all the ingredients (not too much otherwise it will cause a reaction (foam) and lose active products and therefore effectiveness).
Put all the powder in ice cube trays. ( 1 large ice cube tray is enough)
Allow to dry at room temperature for 24 hours.
Unmould the dishwasher tablets.
Store them in an airtight jar away from humidity.
Additional tip: use white vinegar instead of rinse agent. »

To find these ingredients or to find healthy, durable and responsible products without getting involved in chemistry, meet at the Droguerie éco.