Jean-Victor’s good tip #9

Jean-Victor Houët

Jean-Victor Houët is an editor and film critic in our beautiful capital. Today, he gives us his good plan to participate in reforestation when we live like him in an urban environment. Or simply when we wish to act simply but effectively to maintain the plant balance necessary to our ecosystem.

Jean-Victor is a bit of an uncle of Maison Castille. He witnessed its birth and participated in its implementation, thanks to his magnificent talent exercised during the production of the videos for the launch of the Ulule campaign. He is originally from Normandy but has chosen to practice his passion in Paris. Today, he is behind the editing of the famous Konbini media and shares his passion for the 7th art in the Happy Hour podcast. 

Here he presents us with his good plan to support our ecosystem:
“One of the simplest and most effective solutions to combat global warming is to preserve and strengthen forests around the world, to make the best use of the CO2 absorption capacities of trees. All this while preserving biodiversity and benefiting from other advantages offered by nature.

However, it is not easy for everyone to plant a tree or various plants. But for that there is ReforestAction.
A company with a social vocation, which fights for the preservation of ecosystems and their restoration.
They act as well in forest as in urban environments, all around the globe, and participate in several operations of restoration and maintenance on several continents. They protect certain sites, trying to find new ones to recreate much-needed forests. Especially at a time when industrial deforestation and pest incidents are flourishing.

You can choose to plant a tree in the different sites they offer, and follow their work.
And if you don’t really know where to start. They provide a citizen tool to calculate your carbon footprint, and plant trees accordingly to offset your energy balance. All this for a rather derisory price.

In short, a simple citizen action within everyone’s reach.”

To find all the information and act all together: Reforestaction Follow and discover the latest movie news in podcast: Happy hour