The Frenchwoman is . . . Vanessa Paradis

Famous from an early age and boasting a career as diverse as her personal life, Vanessa Paradis is the Frenchwoman who crosses eras with a smile that speaks volumes about her capacity for happiness.

Vanessa Paradis is … TALENTED

Born on Christmas Eve in St Maure des Fossés in the Val de Marne, Vanessa Paradis grew up surrounded by her parents (whose father was a painter) and her sister under the eye of her uncle Didier Pain. (French actor of second role and future manager of Vanessa) Attracted by the arts, it is from the age of 8 years that she is passionate about dance, piano, and music. Her great shyness will not prevent her from going up on the stage of Jacques Martin to interpret Emilie Jolie in 1981. Before recording his first title two years later (1983) with the group “Les Forbans” entitled La Magie des surprises parties. The title will remain discreet but will push the girl in this way which will give him the success that we know in 1987 with Joe le Taxi. Number 1 hit in the charts in 25 countries and selling more than 3 000 000 singles worldwide!


The success launched, the one whose original name was not the fruit of chance, Vanessa Paradis continues 2 years, her studies, in parallel with her career. In 1989, at just 16 years old, she played her first film role in the film “Noce blanche” directed by Jean-Luc Brisseau. The pressure becoming too heavy, she will finally stop her studies on the eve of her 1st Victoire de la Musique as the feminist performer of the year 90. This was followed by her magnificent 2nd album written by Gainsbourg, “Variations sur le même t’aime” and shortly afterwards an all-English album, also phenomenally successful, written by her partner at the time Lenny Kravitz. Great tours followed, and great films, some of them in the company of the greatest, like Depardieu, Delon or the late Belmondo. 

Vanessa Paradis is … MODEST

She juggles with brilliance between studios, stage, family, shootings and commercials, and has not forgotten where she comes from. The list of awards received is long, she has received so far: 7 Victoires de la musique, the Romy Schneider award, the Jutra award 2012, a Cesar, a Swann, a Genie awards … In his private life, there is also something to dream. Her love stories, each as romantic as the other, have made a lot of ink flow, while the singer is always as discreet as possible on her love affairs. She has nevertheless shared her life with Florent Pagny, Lenny Kravitz, Johnny Depp, Benjamin Biolay and today she is still as happy as ever with her husband Samuel Benchetrit. It’s hard not to succumb to her beauty and that’s from the beginning that she has also been a fashion figure. From the beginning Jean-Marc Maniatis will create with her, the iconic fringe cut that we know. But how not to take the height when you become the ambassador and the most influential muse Chanel that the brand has known to the point of being succeeded today by his daughter, Lily Rose Depp. However, nothing has gone to her head and if there is one thing she has achieved and shared with us, it is only her heaven…

Muse of all the decades

Vanessa’s style is defined in two ways, one rather bohemian and chic from her Kravitz/Depp years and the other sophisticated a la Chanel where Karl Lagerfeld glorified the timelessness of the Chanel suit on her as soon as she entered the Haute Couture house.

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