The Leathers

The purpose of all the decorations offered is to personalize your Maison Castille ballerinas, which should be remembered, can also be worn nude …(a little naughty these ballerinas!) Their fastening system is common and their behavior can vary according to the decor, by its weight, its shape and the use that one makes of it. To help you in your choice, we have classified the ballerina outfit of the decorations with ⚜️ so that you are the most informed of all the fashionistas!

⚜️: Good hold for classic and low-intensity use ⚜️⚜️: Good performance for all occasions, pass 95% of the tests ⚜️⚜️⚜️: Excellent performance, pass Euro Ncap hands down

Important: their installation and removal being achievable in 2 seconds (yes! Yes! We timed!), It is preferable for categories ⚜️ and ⚜️⚜️ to remove them in complicated situations (ex: risk of being walked on the feet, public transport, crowd, bad dance companion …)