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Beauty good tips

Marie’s good tip #7

Marie is an interior designer, recently from Normandy. She gives us her good plan to do good without leaving home and in an ecological way with Aloë Vera.

Modèle amateur shooting

Christel’s good tips #6

Christel is a wondernana, navigating between family, volunteering and job. Today she gives us her good plan to encourage us to keep the old family services, using them on a daily basis without falling into the headache of maintaining them. Christel is a very special woman for Maison Castille, Known in my past as a Pink Blouses volunteer, I quickly… Read More »Christel’s good tips #6

Femme de tous les jours

Muriel’s good tips #5

Muriel is a young retiree, former Home Care Nurse. Today she gives us her good plan to combine up-cycling, collectibles and savings. Muriel is a bit like Castille’s grandmother, she calls herself Boma (one day we understood that it was short for bonne maman!). I immediately thought of her to represent her generation during the shooting of the first collection… Read More »Muriel’s good tips #5

Dominique’s good tips #4

Dominique has two jobs. That of developer but also that of director. If it’s thanks to the first one that we collaborated, it’s thanks to the second one that we were able to meet each other. He is a close friend of my brother, an editor by trade who crossed our paths. Dominique helped Maison Castille to make its website… Read More »Dominique’s good tips #4

Estelle’s good tips #2

Estelle is a photographer, Today, she gives us her good plan to make herself beautiful by taking care of herself and the planet. His profession is above all an art. Estelle has been practicing it essentially in the fashion world for several years in Normandy in the studio created with her associates, the studio Full B1. It is quite naturally… Read More »Estelle’s good tips #2

Elodie’s good tips #1

Elodie is Make up & Hair artist, Today, she gives us her good plan to surround herself and dress responsibly. Her job and her passion she exercises it specifically for fashion shoots and cinema. She was introduced to us by the photographers who shot our models and products and immediately her work and talent seduced us. So it was only… Read More »Elodie’s good tips #1