Maintenance tips

We love them so we pamper them…


They have been designed to hold on to your ballerinas as much as possible (power and weight) and accompany you throughout your day.

Nevertheless we give you some (common sense) advice to keep them in good condition and avoid losing them. (that’s why we can put them down and deposit them at lightning speed)

We advise you:

As with clip-on shoes, beware of spaces where you may be pushed or stepped on. (public transportation, concerts…)

When they are not being worn, put them away (they attract each other on top of each other) in a drawer, on a frame, hung on a metal piece of furniture, in short, to decorate or not, but together!

To finish, you should know that only once, we have a test where they failed, the test of the wild Rock and Roll, but here it’s to your partner that you should turn to 😉

TO KNOW: Varnished ballerina models cause an inevitable rotation of the decorations.

REMINDER: Maison Castille cannot be held responsible for the loss of decorations. (no guarantee or recourse possible)


They were designed to last.

Made of quality materials and sourced in a nearby territory, we are certain that your ballerinas can last.

No more fast-fashion! Today, we keep, maintain, retape, reflect, recycle, upcycle… In short, we consume intelligently.

Each model is built in the same way and therefore only the leathers have to be treated differently.

IMPORTANT: Undo the decorations when you are not wearing your ballerinas is imperative to avoid marks (smooth leathers mark more than varnished ones for example)

For all ballerinas we advise you:

To waterproof your ballerinas before their first use (whatever the weather, even in summer), they will protect themselves from possible stains and marks. (Small slabs in patent leather are not concerned). 

To have your ballerinas put on after a few weeks of using the skates at the cobbler’s. (when new it is not useful, and it allows to mark the wear of each one according to its gait to better guide the shoemaker in the choice of the skate).

The base of the heels also have a wear layer that can also be changed (at the shoemaker’s) depending on their degradation.

IMPORTANT: We often forget this, but the pavements we walk on bring a more or less important and/or fast wear and tear over time (ex: stone pavements damage our shoes much less than tar pavements).

Do not hesitate to visit our shop to make them beautiful, many cleaning products and advice are indicated to you to keep them for a long time…