Ballerinas “Veulettes” Blue navy Glitter


A 2 in 1 ballerina that follows you everywhere.

The “Veulettes” Blue navy Glitter ballerina is without a doubt a globetrotter who has no season. Summer and winter, it will sublimate your outfits. During the day it goes everywhere whatever the outfit, and in the evening, its glittery silver leather shines brightly under the softest lights.
To wear with or without decorations depending on the mood!


In goat velvet and glittery leather (not treated with mercury). Memory foam insole.
2 cm heel (but flat look!)

Sold with a pair of exploded knot decorations (navy blue).

Category fournis provided nodes ⚜ ⚜

Made in France (small flag slipped into the shoe because we are very proud of it!)

Feel free to consult the sizing tips for this model and check your size (exact measurements indicated) -> FAQ
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Weight N/A

36 -> 5, 37 -> 6, 38 -> 7, 39 -> 8, 40-> 8,5, 41 -> 9,5

Size advices

This "Veulettes" is mainly composed of a goat suede leather. We selected it for its high quality. This suede-type leather is very flexible and hugs the foot perfectly without relaxing excessively.

⚠ To choose: It is preferable that it is perfect or a little tight on the whole (not in length!) Because their leather will relax slightly over time.

Shoe care

The "Veulette" Blue navy Glitter must imperatively be protected with a waterproofing agent, but also nourished to keep its flexibility and its lasting appearance thanks to Rénovetine. Its sole can easily be dressed in a skate over time and its heel base changed at your favorite shoemaker!