Gommadin Saphir


Overpowering eraser to revive your deer, velvet and nubucks.

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Suede, nubuck and velvet ballerinas will not be cleaned like classic smooth leather. Because of their absorbency, these finishes will permeate stains much more easily. Before going out the big ways (shampoo or soap), it is best to try dry cleaning with this eraser. This treatment is without risk for the material or its color.


The Gommadin from Saphir is a slightly abrasive eraser that removes traces and marks on your ballerinas (exclusively in suede, nubuck, velvet) It is a stain remover that will remove resistant stains.

Like an eraser, rub the stained area of ​​your ballerinas. (The eraser will crumble to remove the marks.)

Once cleaned, do not hesitate to iron your ballerinas under the waterproofing to protect them again from stains. (Invulner waterproofing product offered on the site)