Rénovétine 200ml Saphir


Renovetin is a colorless product that nourishes and protects velvet leather, suede and nubuck.

The colorless renovator effectively maintains your ballerinas to nourish them intensely while waterproofing them. Used regularly, it keeps your ballerinas healthy by nourishing it intensely. Preserves drying, and softens durably thanks to the almond oil extracts contained in the renovator. Its colorless character makes it very versatile and allows you to use it on all your ballerinas whatever their color. Finally, it acts as a protective product to create a protective outer layer and protect it from moisture or grease stains and dust.


Use the renovator on dusted leather so as not to trap dirt. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated room, then spray your fallow deer 30 cm away, taking care to apply the product evenly. Let dry 15 minutes, then brush the suede with a brush (in crepe top) to allow the leather to regain their normal appearance. In rainy weather, however, finish the suede maintenance by applying a waterproofing product in addition to Saphir Renovetin.