Softener Shoe-eze 50ml Saphir


“THE” remedy for all your toothaches! This product is magic!
Have you just bought ballerinas and they are too tight (not too small in size but tight)?
Do you often have swelling feet at the end of the day?
Do you have a hallux valgus that prevents you from being comfortable in your ballerinas?
Do you have a heel that rubs a little too much?

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We have the solution!
The Shoe-Eze is a fabric softener for leather ballerinas.
You can apply it to relax the material so that your ballerina adapts to the shape of your foot. This white foam will help form the leather on your foot, to relieve you at the end of the day. This product is harmless for the skin, it vaporizes inside and outside of the shoe (not on the varnished leathers outside).


Target the area to be soothed, and apply light pressure to bring out the white foam. Put on your shoes without waiting for the foam to disappear. Walk normally. The product will be absorbed by the leather and the leather will relax with the movement of your feet. The result is glaring. The material will soften and you can go about your business. You can repeat the operation several times until the perfect result!