Waterproofing Invulner Saphir


The Invulner Saphir 250ml waterproofing protects your ballerinas from humidity, whether in leather, goatskin or textile.

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Protect your ballerinas from deterioration linked to bad weather by preventing them from being stained by rain or snow (ballerinas in snow are rare but you never know!).

This waterproofing also works as an anti-fouling protection and prevents dust from entering the material.

Its spray formulation allows it to quickly protect by effectively waterproofing all the deers, fabrics and leather of your ballerinas (and even your handbags). Imperceptible under the fingers once dry, the Saphir waterproofing has a completely transparent rendering and does not change the color of the support.


Before you even wear your pretty ballerinas. Place yourself in a very well ventilated room and spray the waterproofing product 20cm from your shoe, then leave on for at least 30 minutes, or overnight before you can wear your shoes. To be renewed during the rain, this product can also be applied in the evening every two to four weeks to guarantee the total waterproofing of your shoes.