The spirit of Maison Castille

Behind these pretty ballerinas is a real desire to change habits and a wind of optimism in their design. Indeed at its origin, the designer wanted to redesign this classic shoe. And move the codes that were intended for him. But her first desire was to adapt its set to the world of today to make the ballerina of tomorrow. In addition to a trendy line for the fashion-addict that are women. The will of a reduced carbon footprint, of traced and certified components, and of a French shoe make the specificity of these models.

A simple observation: Women will tire of their pair less if they have the choice to personalize it endlessly over several seasons. And their composition and their comfort, will push them to pamper them (because yes a shoe that is pampered and repaired if its initial quality and its assembly allow it), because a timeless one is preciously kept like a family photo that one comes out regularly. A timeless one has no age, this is also why, its desire has been to put it at the foot of all women, whatever their generation, their style and their life.

These are all the things that make a Maison Castille ballerina.